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Hair color is more than just something you simply apply. The process starts with selecting the right color for you. This is discussed during your free consultation with one of our stylists. We offer a full range of hair color services. We are experienced with all forms of hair color application, from single color to multiple color application with varying shades and tones. Our hair color services include:

• Full color
• Two process color
• Highlights and lowlights
• Touch-ups
• Bayalage
• Ombre
• Tints
• Bleaching
• Color layering
• Color correction

Free Color Consultation

Color processing starts during your free color consultation. We assess the overall condition and health of your hair. We then discuss the various color options available to you and describe what is involved in the coloring process. Our technicians develop what we call a color plan just for you. This includes tips for how to enjoy your new hair color while maintaining the overall health of your hair.

Color Corrective Services

Sometimes a color doesn't turn out the way you imagined it would or you come to us for help with a bad color job. Whatever the situation is, we have a solution to create a look that is exactly what you want.

Call us at (608) 301-0220 to make an appointment today. Whether it's hair or nails, we help you achieve the look you want. Latino Hair Salon: Where we all are family!

Professional stylists provide superior color treatments, straightening, fashion cuts and consultations for skincare.

Latino Hair Salon was founded on June 14 of 2002. Since then we have been providing an excellent service and pleasant environment to all our customers. Our everyday goal is to leave all our customers completely satisfied every time they come to our salon. The key of our success has been the quality of work, along with the professionalism our stylists serve our valued customers daily. We have customers from every part of the world, and we are very please they choose us as their favorite place to maintain and obtain their best look.

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