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Fingernails and toenails can speak volumes about you. On a professional level, well manicured nails make a good first impression. On a casual level, your nails can be a fun extension of your personality. Our nail technicians are always updated on the latest techniques related to nail care. We offer a variety of nail treatments, from applying nail polish to correcting cuticle damage. Our nail services include:

• Manicures
• Pedicures
• Professional nail color application
• Acrylic or gel nails

Manicures and Pedicures

Manicures and pedicures are more than just luxurious treatments for your fingernails and feet. There are many health benefits to having a professional manicure or pedicure. Some of these benefits includes:

• Helps maintain already healthy fingernails, toenails, and feet
• Hydrates the hands, feet, fingernails, and cuticles
• Exfoliates the skin
• Provides relief for various aches and pains such as arthritis and carpal tunnel
• Relaxes and relieves stress

The massage that typically accompanies a manicure or pedicure also has general health benefits such as better skin health and increased circulation. You can choose just a manicure or just a pedicure or treat yourself to a manicure and a pedicure combination. Our consultants can explain the benefits of various nail and foot treatments and explain how a manicure or pedicure works and what the procedure involves. Enjoy the many benefits of a professional manicure or pedicure from our nail care specialists.

Nail Styles

Shellac Polish
Shellac protect your natural nail, maintain a durable shine on your nail for more than 14 days, does not smell, dry instantly and when its time to remove it, easy, fast and without causing any damage to your natural nail.

Nail designs can be as simple or complex as you wish. Our nail technicians can help you achieve the length and style you want. If you can't decide on a style, each of our nail technicians can show you a collection of their work. We take time to go over various styles and options, including:

• Rhinestones
• Glitter
• Various patterns, from symmetrical to downright funky
• Decals, which are a great way to really personalize your nail design
• Customized designs
• Nail embellishment

Free Consultation

All treatments from Latino Hair Salon include a free consultation. Talk to our hair and nail care experts and let us help you decide which styles and treatments are best for you. This is a time when you can ask our experts questions and discuss what you hope to achieve with your visit to our salon.

Call us at (608) 301-0220 to make an appointment today. Whether it's hair or nails, we help you achieve the look you want. Latino Hair Salon: Where we all are family!

Professional stylists provide superior color treatments, straightening, fashion cuts and consultations for skincare.

Latino Hair Salon was founded on June 14 of 2002. Since then we have been providing an excellent service and pleasant environment to all our customers. Our everyday goal is to leave all our customers completely satisfied every time they come to our salon. The key of our success has been the quality of work, along with the professionalism our stylists serve our valued customers daily. We have customers from every part of the world, and we are very please they choose us as their favorite place to maintain and obtain their best look.

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